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Aundrea: Level 2 Dental Assistant

Aundrea was born in St. Catharines, Ontario and has lived in Thorold, Ontario her entire life. Aundrea graduated from Denis Morris High school in 2006 and worked for many years before deciding to go back to school for Dental Assisting. She graduated from Niagara College in 2015 from the Dental Assisting program.

Aundrea has always had a passion for the dental field and is eager to learn more. Aundrea’s warm and caring personality helps to put patients mind at ease. She wants to be sure the patient is comfortable.

If there is one thing Aundrea can’t do, it’s sit still! She definitely doesn’t waste time and is always on the go. Newly married, Aundrea and her husband love to travel and enjoy cuisines from all over the world. Her husband is a chef, and food has always been a big part of their lives. When the weather is nice, you will see them with their dog Luna, out driving their vintage muscle car. Aundrea enjoys the outdoors, fitness and the beauty Niagara has to offer.

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Debra: Dental Assistant

Debra graduated in 1987 as a dental assistant from Career Canada College in Hamilton.  Born in Leamington, Ontario, she moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake at the age of 6.  She has spent the rest of her life going to school, attending church, working and raising her family in the Virgil/Niagara-on-the-Lake area.

Working in many roles in the dental office has given Debra much joy in helping people understand dentistry and to feel calm and relaxed in a sometimes anxiety-filled atmosphere.  Dentistry is always changing, and taking courses over the past years has helped her keep updated and current.  It is her love of people that makes her a wonderful assistant and co-worker.

Debra is a wife and mother of three adult children.  Her oldest son graduated from Brock University with a degree in physics and education and then continued his education at the University of Toronto where he completed a Master’s in Economics.  Debra’s second son also graduated from Brock, studying accounting and received the Governor General’s Award for the highest standing in his graduating year. Her daughter is studying therapeutic recreation at Brock University and will graduate in 2019.

Debra has always loved sports and is still playing competitive ladies volleyball.  She and her daughter are now playing together and the love of competition is great.  She can also be seen walking through the streets of Virgil enjoying exercise and the outdoors.  She is an avid sports fan and enjoys watching her children compete in ultimate Frisbee and beach volleyball.  She and her family enjoy water activities and especially love boating and wakeboarding on the Niagara River.

Debra is excited to be working in the Virgil community, full of people she has known for years and new faces to meet and great.

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Marissa Stubbert, Level 2 Dental Assistant

Marissa was born and raised in St Catharine’s, Ontario. It took her a couple of years to find what she wanted to do, but she believes the dentistry field is the right fit. She previously had taken Pre-Health Science in 2014 at Niagara College, in hopes to pursue an education to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. After realizing this was not the career path she wanted, she found something she was passionate about and graduated from the Dental Assisting program at Niagara College in May of 2018.

Although Marissa may be newer to the dental field she has developed a passion for educating patients, working with patients of all ages and constantly expanding her knowledge in the always changing dental field. You can usually find her reading through her school textbooks and online articles- always trying to learn new things about Dentistry.

Marissa grew up playing competitive sports for St Catharine’s, as well as for the high school she attended. She loved to play basketball, volleyball and soccer; you can even still find her playing soccer today – all year round! When she’s not in the office or on the field you can normally find Marissa spending time with her dog, Cooper.

Marissa can’t wait to further her education and experience working with and for the people of Virgil. She is looking forward to meeting all new faces in the dental community.

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Melissa: Level 2 Dental Assistant

Melissa Marr was born and raised in Fort Erie, Ontario. Growing up in a small town has encouraged Melissa to seek a more personal/family oriented career.

Melissa is a mother of a loving and caring 4-year-old daughter named Jayda. Melissa is in a 6 year common-law relationship with Jayda’s dad- Ken. She enjoys spending her quality time with family; whether it is a movie night, bonfires in the backyard, skating, or even going to local attractions together. Melissa also enjoys snowboarding, painting, yoga, and relaxing at the spa.

Melissa used to love visiting her local dental office growing up, which in turn, helped her decide on her career in the dental field. She graduated from Everest College in Hamilton in 2013, and has been a Certified Dental Assistant for 5 years. Melissa is a member of the ODAA (Ontario Dental Assistants Association), where she continues to increase her knowledge on dental advancements.

Melissa strives to work to the best of her abilities to provide optimal care to patients. She views patients as if they are her own family and she only wants the best for them. Melissa is ecstatic to be a part of the DCN team, where patients are given the highest quality of care, the time to be educated on dentistry, and given treatment plans that are tailored to their specific needs. Melissa is eager to help patients gain an understanding of dentistry, and reassure patients with honest and gentle dental care.

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