My experiences with Dental Care Niagara have been nothing but friendly, pleasant and educational. Their staff are beyond polite and you can tell they truly care about the well being of their clients. They take the time to explain to you things that I have never heard in previous offices before and practises in which to maintain daily healthy dental hygiene. The environment is very clean and sanitary and when conducting procedures they make sure you are aware of the steps they are taking to ensure your safety is put first. I highly recommend booking a visit!

Nicole Marr

The whole staff at Dental Care Niagara go above and beyond for their clients. This is what differentiates their dental office from every other dental office, their professionalism, cleansiness, their positivity , their knowledge, their genuine interest in actually caring. I would definitely recommend this office to everyone

Hollie Schmidt

Dr D is an amazing dentist that goes above and beyond. She s a friendly caring person and dentist. I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist , and she definitely eases a lot of that for me. She s gentle and quick while she s working on you, and you never see her needle . My husband , son and I have been seeing her since her since shortly after she opened her practice . My son is 8 and LOVES going to the dentist, he s never scared or is anxious. Colleen s an amazing hygienist , and is great with kids and adults.

Corri Konik

The staff and dentists at Dental Care Niagara are very friendly. They always take the time to educate and answer any questions that I had. They were extremely helpful when I inquired about a dental device that improved my wellbeing. I look forward to my next teeth cleaning!

Ashlea Carter

Best dentist ever! Dr. Daniela and her staff are amazing! I brought all my kids (4) there and they loved it, love and are excited about going - even for fillings. They took the time to explain and show all the tools to the kids, teeth, how to take care of them. The kids are always excited to go to the dentist (amazing feeling for a parent)! My wife and I have also changed dentist to go there, Dr. Daniela takes time to explain how to take care of your teeth vs drilling. We recommend her and her team to everyone!

Ben Gutknecht

There's no substitute for the cutting edge. When I think of dentistry I think of pain I've experienced. I remember past dentistry professionals and while the norm might be acceptable you don't know what you're missing until you experience the cutting edge of care.

Truly the most pleasant experience I've ever had, short of being put to sleep for major procedures.

Professional, cheerful staff and technicians support DR. DANIELA MATIJEVIC who's obviously made her patients comfort and quality of care the top priority.

This modern facility was carefully designed and is kept SPOTLESS. Little things like flat screen televisions above the brand new dentistry chairs show that this modern office goes the extra distance.

If you're looking for the most comfortable, professional timely and efficient service for YOUR family...LOOK NO FURTHER!

Nathan Conover

Dr Daniella is the best dentist I have ever had . I have been a client of her dentistry now for 3 years .She is knowledgable ,patient, positive, professional and very experienced.I am grateful to have such a great dentist.! THANK YOU!


I am so beyond grateful to have made the move to Dental Care Niagara. My children will now only have pleasant memories of their trips to the dentist, as Dr. Daniela is one of the kindest, most patient people I have ever met! All of the hygienists and front desk staff are super friendly and make every visit comfortable and easy. An easy 5 stars, hands down, over and over again.

Rachel Gossen

My partner and I have been patients of Dr. D's since shortly after her practice opened and we can't imagine going anywhere else. Dr. D is a ninja with a needle (you don't even see it!) and her level of care and compassion exceeds the highest of standards. I had my wisdom teeth removed at DCN by a dental surgeon Dr. D brings in on Fridays to do these types of procedures and she stayed with me the whole time holding my hand as she knew I was incredibly nervous. Colleen has been cleaning my teeth since I was a kid and is just the sweetest human being, and Julie sets the mood for every visit with her contagious smile and upbeat personality. Tremendous staff, cutting edge care, and a Dr who genuinely makes both your oral and overall health her top priority. Thank you, Dr. D & Team! See you in a couple weeks 🙂

Courtney Walsh


At Dental Care Niagara we understand that you have busy schedule, and we do our best to try and honor your scheduled appointment in timely manner.