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Are you nervous about even the thought of going to the dentist? Fear no more! Call us today and let us tell you how we can make your next trip to the dental chair as comfortable as possible.
At Dental Care Niagara we offer all forms of sedation. For those that have only slight fear of the dentist, nitrous oxide (gas form) might be enough. If that is not enough, we can give you oral sedation (pill form). About one hour before appointment, you will take appropriate medication that will make you sleepy. Although, you are awake and conscious, and aware enough to walk and sit into the dental chair, you won’t remember much of what have happened in that chair. While you are resting, we will take care of all your dental needs, whether it is root canal or implant procedure.



IV conscious sedation is one of the most effective sedation techniques available to a general dental practice. The dentist will introduce intravenous drugs into the blood stream to help their patients relax and adopt a carefree attitude, even when faced with situations that would normally be quite stressful. Because the patient can become so relaxed, most people end up falling asleep during their appointment.

IV sedation provides anti-anxiety sedatives that allow patients that are either anxious when it comes to dentistry, have a severe gag reflex or have unusual reactions to traditional local anaesthetics to receive necessary dental care and maintain better overall oral health.

IV sedation allows the dentist to administer local anaesthetic and proceed with a normal course of treatment without having the patient experience any emotional or physical distress.

It is not uncommon for patients to have complete or partial memory loss immediately after the intravenous drugs take effect, and or right until the end of the appointment.

Due to the nature of the intravenous drugs that are used, dentists wanting to provide sedation dentistry must undergo a rigorous training regimen to become certified. Once certified, the sanctioning body (RCDSO) regulates their practitioners to ensure that patient care always remains the primary focus.


Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

There are plenty of reasons why patients opt for sedation dentistry: 

  1. Less Anxiety. The primary benefit is that you will feel less anxious while in the dentist’s chair. If you are relaxed, you will feel better, and your dentist will have an easier time doing the work they need to do.
  2. Regular Care. Knowing that going to the dentist can be a relaxing experience may make you more inclined to go on a regular basis. When you receive regular dental care, you will be less likely to need intense or invasive treatments. This, in turn, also makes subsequent dentist visits more pleasant.
  3. Reduced Gag Reflex. In many cases, patients who receive these types of sedation before their appointment experience a reduction in their gag reflex. This makes it easier for the dentist to get their work done in a timely manner, and it makes things more comfortable for the patient.
  4. Receive Multiple Treatments. For patients who need to undergo multiple treatments (such as those who have not seen the dentist in a long time), sedation dentistry is extremely helpful. It allows the patient to remain comfortable while having extensive work done on their teeth and gums.
  5. Help Those with Special Needs. Sedation dentistry is also greatly beneficial for patients who have special needs. These patients may have trouble sitting still or relaxing to let the dentist work on their teeth. These types of sedatives can help parents and other caregivers figure out how to visit the dentist with their loved one without causing them unnecessary stress or anxiety. 

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to choose sedation dentistry for your next dental care appointment with our team at Dental Care Niagara.


At Dental Care Niagara we understand that you have busy schedule, and we do our best to try and honor your scheduled appointment in timely manner.